REICHdrill LLC Acquired by Eurofor Group

PHILIPSBURG, PA – REICHdrill, LLC announced today the company’s recent acquisition by […]

Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing-01REICHdrill maintains a multi-million dollar supply of support equipment and spare parts in our warehouse in Philipsburg. So when you call with a question or need a part quickly, we are there to respond. Our fast and reliable service is one of the things that differentiate us from our competitors.

The company continually drives innovation in the design process leading to the development of technologically advanced drilling equipment. Special focus is given to design improvements that will make the drills more productive and cost-efficient.

Our engineers play a key role in the design, production and marketing of the company’s full line of drills. They interact with customers and are often called to drilling sites to solve specific problems. This interaction is invaluable in developing products that meet customer’s needs.

Engineering & Manufacturing-02Solid engineering is only part of the story at REICHdrill. The experienced manufacturing team brings the design of the drills to life at its manufacturing facility in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.